As  of December 18, the following Bridges have been developed by external developers. :

  • 3DS Max - Free and Paid, developed by Tit Lavrov 
  • C4D - Free and Paid developed by Arsen Chachanidze
  • Blender 2 - Free Developed by Erik Sutton
  • Lightwave3d - Paid only, developed by Oliver Hotz
  • Zbrush 2018  Free, developed by Oliver Hotz
  • Maya 2018 -  Free, developed by Oliver Hotz

These bridges are not native Rizom-Lab products, and we are hence not responsible for any issues or liabilities regarding the use of this tool.
Should you have any issues or questions, please contact the developer directly. You can also create an issue in the forum, or come ask on the RizomUV Discord Bridges Channel