Please save us and yourself fixing time by being as concise as possible when you report an issue. Please state what you expected to happen, what actually happened, and how it happened (what you were doing at the time), and any insights or files you can share. Like this (fake) example: 

  • Expected Result: When pressing U, I expected to see an unwrap happen
  • Actual Result: It Optimised instead
  • Steps: 
    • Loaded Obj file with no UVs
    • Made cuts using F2 and manually selecting edges
    • Pressed U
    • Optimised, not Unwrapped
  • I might have hit the wrong key, but I don't think so. 
  • I have enclosed the Obj file

Please Note

  • If you share an Object or an FBX file, Rémi will usually be the only one looking at it - although he may ask Cirstyn(DarthShader)  to look at it on one of her systems
  • We do not under any circumstance use your file to: 
    • Market ourselves - unless we think it's awesome, and then we will ask you, if you say no, we will respect that, and be fine with it. We will never use the file unless that permission is granted
    • Share it with clients or users
    • Modify and/or share it
    • Otherwise dilute the IP you have over your work 
  • If the issue is  set to fixed, you are welcome to delete the file(s) from our system

If you report issues here, and in this format, you will have saved us so much time in pinpointing the issue, and you'll have given us a flying start  in fixing it :)