The Problem

Use this guide when you experience your viewports displaying green horizontal bars, are filled with white color,  or are transparent, so you can see content from other applications in the rizom viewport.
This is a step by step elimination/fix process, so try step 1 first:

Step 1

Delete your preferences file:

  1. Go to  C:\Users\YOUR_ACCOUNT\AppData\Roaming\RizomUV\

  2. Delete RizomUVPreferences.0.3.33.txt

  3. Run RizomUV, it should start OK. 

  4. If not, follow the steps below

Step 2

Manage your Nvidia settings. If you have an onboard GPU, as well as a  video card, do this: 

  1. Right-click on your desktop 

  2. Select the Nvidia Control Panel:

  3. Click Manage 3D Settings

  4. Click Program Settings

  5. Click Add

  6. Browse to your RizomUV executable. It’s called rizomuv.exe and can normally be found in C:\Program Files\Rizom Lab\RizomUV 2020_r

  7. Click Add Selected Program

  8. Your UI will now look like this:

  9. Select “High-performance NVIDIA processor”

  10. Close the Nvidia Control Panel

  11. Run RizomUV, it should start OK. 

  12.  If (still) not, follow the steps below

Step 3

File a support ticket with your logs 

  1. Even though your viewports are misbehaving the rest of the application should be accessible

  2. Go to Edit>Preferences Dialog

  3. Go to the Debug settings

  4. Check if “Write command log” is active. If it is, it should be light grey:

  5. Check if “Write OpenGL” is active. If it is, it should be light grey::

  6. Exit RizomUV 

  7. Restart RizomUV

  8. Create a ticket in 

  9. Add your f log-files to the ticket. 

  10. The log file is located in  C:\Users\YOUR_ACCOUNT\AppData\Roaming\RizomUV\

  11. You need to upload the CommandLog.lua file

  12. Please also provide us with a screenshot of the RizomUV GUI


If the solutions above worked for you, we’d be very grateful if you took the time to tell us they did., and which one.
You’d help us measure how many users were affected by this issue.
Please drop us a line in our Discord, or create a ticket at