If you run into a situation where clicking on your edges only selects a few of them, and it's slow going, it's due to the Nvidia GPU settings. Here is how you fix it:

  1. Right-click on your desktop 

  2. Select the Nvidia Control Panel:

  3. Click Manage 3D Settings

  4. Click Program Settings

  5. Click Add

  6. Browse to your RizomUV executable. It’s called rizomuv.exe and can normally be found in C:\Program Files\Rizom Lab\RizomUV 2020_r

  7. Click Add Selected Program

  8. Your UI will now look like this:

  9. Select “AnitAliasing Mode”

  10. Set AntiAliasing Mode to Application Controlled

  11. Close the Nvidia Control Panel

  12. Run RizomUV

  13. Load your model

  14. Hit F2

  15. Select some of the edges on your model

  16. Your Edges should now select properly

If the solutions above worked for you, we’d be very grateful if you took the time to tell us they did., and which one.
You’d help us measure how many users were affected by this issue.
Please drop us a line in our Discord, or create a ticket at https://support.rizom-lab.com/